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USQuagmire Moderator and Hypocrisy

USQuagmire Moderator and Hypocrisy

People love to express themselves freely without any fear or favor. No one likes dictation or patronisation. Some people love to kick other peoples’ ball s as a fun. However, they do not like to be kicked by others!

As mukto_mona said in his article, “Fagin of Charles Dickens was the mastermind of crimes and he used to teach kids all kinds of crimes! Yet, he had the audacity to ask kids to use civil language when he was challenged by the authority! I suppose, modern day Fagin (Israel/Jews/Zionists) will remain unpunished and poor Palestinian (Faruque) will face never-ending punishment from everyone.”

Now Israel has been conducting war crimes and genocides with a stamp of infinity and no one did anything effectively to stop these barbaric and inhumane atrocities. Yet, when desperate Palestinians do anything silly in sheer frustration, everyone join in condemning them with brutality.

In my case I simply expressed my opinion about ‘gas chamber’. On the other hand the Israelis have been sentencing unarmed women and children in the gas chamber for the last sixty years! You people are blinded by your selective morality and went on to attack me.

My response to your totally UNJUSTIFED and immoral action (removing me from USQuagmire) would be, “history will condemn you like Stalin, Hitler, …". . You will pay the price.

I was very much surprised by your absolutely false question, “Please advise why you are leaving.” In fact I did nothing. I did not leave. On the contrary, some gutless wonder conspired against me and removed me.

It becomes a must to express my utter condemnation to this gutless, undemocratic and barbaric action which suffocates free speech and fairness. However, from my experience, I found, Nazi Zionist/Jews/Israelis and closet Nazi Zionist/Jews/Israelis are good at this type of hypocrisy and criminality.

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From: USQuagmire Moderator Subject: File - Why?To: union_faruque@yahoo.com.auReceived: Tuesday, 1 April, 2008, 4:19 AM

I am always curious why people leave USQuagmire. Please advise why you are leaving. I am always open to suggestions on how to point the group to the future...

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Re: Messages by
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/freeamericanow/post?postID=-pBhItUN4_S3KDoDE62-z-4WT0fEntXrxsQNOeT1xZtdBQSB0WsIVY9Pp22-AS65CbBATtUWpTapVkn1vgKcVTPZ3A to kill Jews violate Yahoo TOS

Dann Slobson is a mentally ill PATHOLOGICAL LIAR who tried to threaten and intimidate others in Yahoo groups. This diseased PARASITE has no life and lost a career BECAUSE of his pathological lying.

Slobson should be immediately BANNED as he works to DELETE groups that expose Israeli CRIMINALITY and debauchery.

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Re: Messages by
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/freeamericanow/post?postID=y-j76l5LoBAe1KKIUE0WKZU_Fqk9XpsioxkX2cEGbWRrGGq2fPxS-bK3x8wDdHPbB2ErrjWcwSmzpkOPcjf5r2GU to kill Jews violate Yahoo TOS

Fagin of Charles Dickens was the mastermind of crimes and he used to teach kids all kinds of crimes! Yet, he had the audacity to ask kids to use civil language when he was challenged by the authority! I suppose, modern day Fagin (Israel/Jews/Zionists) will remain unpunished and poor Palestinian (Faruque) will face never-ending punishment from everyone.

I welcome FAN solidarity,

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http://groups.yahoo.com/group/freeamericanow/post?postID=ALqbot6fz6P4FrHbt22ln-jLaT1nQxRz6irtiJI81qxyphMkYl8sgVpIiOq5NpVbZgT34j-8OSsxiIreSnqSZF-f to kill Jews violate Yahoo TOS

Dar Dann

Your Jewish friends have been ethnically cleansing poor Palestinians for a long long time because a f…..g god gave them the right to do so. Again, your Jews have been murdering unarmed women and children with F18.s, apache helicopters, tanks, machine guns in their backyard and schoolyards! Do they violet the yahoo TOS? Or is it only an expression of opinion, not an action or even an incitement violates the Yahoo TOS because of your chosen status?

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If there are any moderators here, I strongly suggest that you either ban or place union_faruque@... or moderatored status His post below, advocating the murder of Jews, violates Yahoo Terms of ServicePlease take appropriate steps so that he does post similar messages like this in the future in your groupThank you.

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Dutch film 'Fitna' draws muted response from Muslims

Good comment. However I can not ignore the followings!

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Re: [USQuagmire] Dutch film 'Fitna' draws muted response from Muslims

I wouldn't think that either Allah nor Muhammed is in need of anyone's defense. If so, then neither are what Muslims believe them to be. Actually I believe Muhammed in heaven would be rolling around holding his sides from laughing so hard at the cartoons, perhaps even be flattered that detractors considered him an important enough target. Such extreme reaction as going out and killing someone, or putting out a contract or issuing a fatwa, is a graphic demonstration of a lack of faith rather than evidence of it. I'm glad to see Muslims aren't allowing this to manipulate them like that.

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Subject: [USQuagmire] Dutch film 'Fitna' draws muted response from Muslims

This so called film is deliberately designed to incite violence. However, Muslims and the whole world in general are getting smarter and realizing the motive behind such a blatantly provocative initiative based on prejudice and bigotry rather than facts.

Then again, when Hitler's armies were marching along Europe, the Hollanders welcomed them with open legs! Now, they are more pro-Israeli and anti-Muslim then Nazi Zionists/Jews/Israelis!!

I suppose that's why Iranian President Ahmadinazad said, "why do you like to punish Palestinians for European crimes"?

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Bruce will like this:
Dutch film 'Fitna' draws muted response from Muslims
--------------------Officials braced for protests as a lawmaker posted on the Internet acontroversial film about what he sees as the threat of Islam to Europe. Some Muslims say they expected worse. By Geraldine BaumLos Angeles Times Staff Writer
March 28 2008, 6:14 PM PDTPARIS & mdash;

A young Muslim girl in a head scarf calls Jews "apes and pigs." A nonbeliever is beheaded and another is shot. Verses of the Koran are juxtaposed with horrific images, implying that one begets the other. The complete article can be viewed at:

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Re: [freeamericanow] Geert Wilders film Fitna.... exposes radical Islam
this link was taken down, go to
http://shariahfinancewatch/ for embedded links to view Fitna

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Geert Wilders film Fitna ....
Fitna....mischief and oppression....

[008:039] Waqatiloohum hatta la takoona fitnatun wayakoona alddeenu kulluhu lillahi fa-ini intahaw fa-inna Allaha bima yaAAmaloona baseerun
Quran 8:39
Fight against them until the mischief and oppression (fitna) are no more, and [justice] and religion/worship/faith becomes the domain of Allah exclusively....